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Issue 07

Being-with community ontological and political perspectives

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Edited by Elke Bippus, Joerg Huber, Dorothee Richter, Institute for Critical Theory, Zurich University of the Arts

This edition of On-Curating.org places ontological and political perspectives on notions of community at the centre of its debate. We believe that such an explicit discussion of community on a theoretical level is an urgent requirement in the context of ‘curating’ since cultural articulations always implicitly or explicitly address and produce communities. It was Jacques Rancière in particular who in The Politics of Aesthetics: The Distribution of the Sensible pointed out the importance of access to visibility and audibility since these are what enables or prevents access to a community. "The distribution of the sensible makes visible who can participate in the communal according to what he does. A particular activity determines thus who is and is not capable of being communal." In his perspective, aesthetics, visibility and politics are causally linked.

Contributions by:
Michaela Melián, Thomas Bedorf, Jörn Etzold, Lars Gertenbach, Ruth Sonderegger, Roberto Nigro

Supported by the Institute for Critical Theory and the Postgraduate Program in Curating, Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS), both Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)