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Issue 34 / December 2017
eds. Ronald Kolb, Dorothee Richter

De-Colonizing Art Institutions: Artists’ Book

For the Oncurating Issue 34, we asked artists, theorists, and researches to send us their proposals for a decolonized art practice, or how to deal with institutions in that regard. The 34 invited artists were given a carte blanche to contribute to the topic of decolonising art institutions. The aim: to provide a platform for a multiplicity of voices from the arts. These voices would propose an image of a decolonised art practice, all the while raising questions with regard to how one can engage with pre-existing institutions in a congruent manner. The material was then displayed as printouts by us and the audience of the exhibition in the Oncurating Project Space. You can download the material and assemble it in your preferred way: a book, an exhibition, or something else. The curatorial role liberated, it stands open and available to any reader of the issue, mutable between various local contexts.

With contributions by Maria Thereza Alves, Song-Ming Ang, Priscila Arantes, Baltensperger + Siepert, Fabiana de Barros, Mabe Bethônico, Flavio Cury, Jimmie Durham, Gabriel Flückiger and Vera Leisibach, Hikaru Fujii, Szuper Gallery, Patrick Hamilton, Taloi Havini and Gabriella Hirst, Ana Hupe, Balz Isler, Daniel Jablonski, Kai Fong Pai Dong, San Keller, Astrid S. Klein, Marinka Limat, Nkule Mabaso, Filippo Minelli, Lisl Ponger, Raghavendra Rao K.V., Roee Rosen, Sally Schonfeldt, Katrin Ströbel and Mohammed Laouli, Túlio Tavares, Navid Tschopp, Maíra Vaz Valente, Casa da Xiclet, Zou Zhao

Issue 34

Decolonizing Art Institutions: Artists’ Book