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by Walter Grasskamp


On-Curating.org is an independent international web-journal focusing on questions around curatorial practise and theory.

Dorothee Richter

Web and Graphic Design Concept
Michel Fernández

Graphic Design Ninth Issue
Megan Hall

Marianne Eigenheer, (ed. ICE Readers)

Guest Editors Curating Critique
Barnaby Drabble, Dorothee Richter

Translation from German
Rachel Esner, Steven Lindberg, Judith Nigel Stephenson

Proof Reading
Siri Peyer

Supported by
The original publication was supported by Institute for Curatorship and Education, Edinburgh College of Art; and the research project "Exhibition Displays", Institute Cultural Studies, Zurich University of the Arts. The webjournal Curating Critique is supported by Postgraduate Program in Curating, Zurich University of the Arts. Copyright by ICE, Edinburgh College of Art, authors and Revolver Berlin.


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