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Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey

Ballet by Szuper Gallery

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A futuristic anthropology. Étant Ballet – The Cave is a rock opera performance set in a world askew with attempts and remnants of civilization. It begins with the aftermath of an incident, an explosion. A group of people run ashore an unexpected landscape. Everything is about to happen but nothing seems to have changed. The setting: a crash site, in the wild or in the rush of a blackout.

Ballet is a new publication by Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey, documenting recent performance and installation projects at the Kunstmuseum Thun, MacKenzie Art Gallery Regina, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading as well as Szuper Gallery‘s collaboration with Michele Sereda and Curtain Razors. It contains video and installation stills, performance scripts, a series of paintings by Pavlo Kerestey and essays by Timothy Long, Dorothee Richter and Lars Gertenbach and Susanne Clausen. Edited by Susanne Clausen and designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio.

ONCURATING Books, Zurich, 2014
ISBN 978-3-9524078-1-3

Ballet by Szuper Gallery

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