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Maayan Sheleff & Sarah Spies

(Un)Commoning Voices and (Non)Communal Bodies

Maayan Sheleff & Sarah Spies
(Un)Commoning Voices & (Non)Communal Bodies

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ISBN 9798744646660

This book is a hybrid between a retrospective catalogue of the project (Un)Commoning Voices and (Non)Communal Bodies (Reading International, UK, 2019), and fragments from academic research trajectories that corroborate discrete yet interconnected curatorial and artistic perspectives. The conceptual underpinning of the series engendered various connections between studies of the voice and theories of the body, via the politics of performativity, by complicating the collateral understanding of power and agency inherent in collective or communal address and participation. The imaginary expansion of the title in the aftermath of the pandemic’s viral choreography, with the forced distancing of bodies and further silencing of already marginalized voices, alongside the simultaneous performative enactment of transnational solidarity, has prompted the texts in the publication to respond to the ongoing crisis, within a wider timely context.

Contributors include Susanne Clausen, Susan Gibb, Florian Malzacher, Edgar Schmitz, Maayan Sheleff, Sarah Spies and Jonas Staal.

The curatorial project (Un)Commoning Voices & (Non)Communal Bodies is part of the PhD in Practice of Maayan Sheleff and Sarah Spies.

PhD Publication Series
The PhD in Practice in Curating, a joint doctoral program of the University of Reading and the Zurich University of the Arts, is led by Prof Dr Dorothee Richter, and supported by swissuniversities.


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