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The Glorious 7

Making use of the condensed form offered by the comic, The Glorious 7 criticizes the racist Austrian consensus that has come very much to the fore again in 2016, manifesting itself in the so-called foreigner laws, hegemonic values and knowledge production, historiography, etc. The individual tableaus make reference to current processes of transformation of wage labour, borders and nation states, casualization and pauperization as well as control and discipline measures that affect large proportions of the population—not only the Austrian segment.

MigrafonA (Belinda Kazeem, Petja Dimitrova, Radostina Patulova, Vlatka Frketić, Vina Yun), The Glorious 7 (selection), comic strip, b/w, A5, 2011.



MigrafonA (Vienna/AT) is a collective founded in Vienna in 2007 with variable members including artists, culture producers, and activists. The collective uses the comic format to report on the realities of migration politics, national identity construction, and migrants’ self-empowerment strategies, and to experiment from the migrants’ perspective with the visualization and historicization of current political debates and the transformation of critical theory onto a visual level.


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Issue 30

Work, Migration, Memes, Personal Geopolitics

Dorothee Richter, Tanja Trampe, Eleonora Stassi


A Discussion with Almut Rembges, Philipp Lutz, Katharina Morawek by Makiko Takahashi, Lisa Lee Benjamin, Franziska Stern

Collaboration and Migration

Giorgio Agamben

Beyond Human Rights

Dialogue between Sadou Bah and Ludovica Parenti in Collaboration with Emilie Bruner

Autonome Schule Zürich

An Interview with Esther Eppstein by Agustina Struengmann

Esther Eppstein on Making Zurich a Home for Art and Artists

Conversations with Fany Flores & Bea Schwager by Mariana Bonilla Rojas, Cordelia Oppliger, Silvia Savoldi

“We have to live a quiet life.” The Voice of the Sans Papiers

A Conversation with Melanie Muñoz from the Association Lysistrada by Diana Padilla

For Whose Own Good?

Vreni Spieser in Conversation with Silvia Converso

ELDORADO – Where Would You Search for It?


The Glorious 7

Maurizio Lazzarato

Immaterial Labor

A Conversation with Martin Krenn by Katrijn Van Damme & Petra Tomljanović

Heterogeneous History, a Never-ending Story

An Interview with Tim Zulauf by Katya Knoll

Collective Identity Provides No Insights

Marion von Osten

New Borderlands

A Formal/Informal Conversation with Rayelle Niemann by Paloma Rayón & Silvia Savoldi

Maandish balad

Rayelle Niemann

HEIMAT / watan

Anne-Julchen Bernhardt in Conversation with Hana Cisar

“There is no limit, I’m very happy with hybrid bastards.”