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Special Opportunity to Advertise in ONCURATING
Advertising in this distinctive cutting-edge digital publication will attract key members of the art world to your event, program, conference, or exhibition. OnCurating is a freely distributed, noncommercial digital publication based in Zurich and focused on issues related to curatorial practice and theory. This initiative was founded in 2008 by Dorothee Richter in cooperation with a group of emerging curators.

We provide an independent and significant voice in the panorama of digital art publications. Our readers are artists, curators, students, professors, and arts administrators, who consult our publication for the latest research and news relating to curatorial practice and theory, and to be a part of our growing network of arts professionals. OnCurating is a seasonal publication, with a new issue being released every 3 months. It is free to subscribe to and download, which makes it accessible worldwide. It is also available as print-on-demand. The issues are often published in cooperation with art institutions, such as Fridericianum in Kassel, and institutes affiliated with art universities, as in the case of the Institute for Critical Theory, Zürich University of the Arts. All back-issues can be accessed directly on the website, and downloaded as a PDF.

The total number of readers has reached about 40,000 per issue, many of them visual art professionals. This comprises of: 19% university staff and professors, 9.5% art students, 4% designers, 13.5 % writers/critics, 7% gallerists, 24% curators, 7% museum-affiliated, 6% artists, 3% art-administrators, 5% collectors and 2% general audience.

We welcome art institutions (museums, art centres, art schools, galleries), biennials, art fairs, magazines, non-profit organizations as well as independent curators and artists to announce new exhibitions, publications, events, calls for applications, residencies, projects and other art-related announcements that would be of interest to our readers. Each submitted announcement is carefully considered regarding artistic quality, relevance and content.

If you have any queries or should require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: office@oncurating.org

• Curatorial Practice – Interviews and more
• Future of short Film
• Curating the Commons
• Who's Afraid of the Public
• Economy
• Social Sculpture Revisited
• Performance

• Distribution: Seasonal
• Languages: English

• Advertiser must provide necessary media or digital materials; production costs will otherwise be charged to the advertiser.
• Technical flaws may be altered by OnCurating without prior notice.
• Reproduction rights and authorship fees of images and texts included in the advertisements, along with their correspondent publishing permits, are the advertiser’s responsibility.
• OnCurating reserves the right to reject advertisers for aesthetic incompatibilities or other considerations the editors believe pertinent.

Please see attached price sheet

Special Offer: If you purchase 4 advertisements you will receive a 20% discount on the total cost.

All invoices, except when stipulated otherwise by contractual agreement, are to be paid within 30 days after the date of publication of the advertisement.

OnCurating Association / The White Space / Dorothee Richter
Hafnerstraße 31, 8005 Zürich